Saturday 1 June 2013

Ahh, come to daddy

Here it is!! The ultra ultra ultra rare UK precert VHS release of Dennis Yu's ultra violent Hong Kong video nasty THE BEASTS. The film is from 1980 (some sources say 1981) and apart from being a legendary horror-rape revenge film it's also an important entry to the original Hong Kong new wave films. Very happy to have finally got hold of this tape. I wonder if it's uncut. o_O
EDIT: Yes, the UK pre-cert is uncut.

In regards to HK new wave films: It's a label used for first time directors who made gritty movies about life in HK around 1980. There's a Wiki article here (unfortunately, the author includes both John Woo and Wong Kar-Wai in that article and that's just silly! They probably did it because often in the west you get the impression those two directors basically CREATED the Hong Kong film industry. Kar-Wei didn't make his debut until 1988 for crying out loud! And the well-dressed gangsters of John Woo's films hardly portray real life lowlife crooks on the street).


  1. Congratulations Jack, I know you've been searching for this for a long time.

  2. Thanks, mate. And yes, it's been YEARS of looking!! ^_^

  3. Replies
    1. Uncut version via composite is 1 hour 26 minutes long

    2. Thanks, that's good to know. However, you can never really tell from running time info anyway due to various tape speeds. This tape is PAL. Is the composite PAL or NTSC? The only way to discover if a tape is cut is to do an actual comparison.

    3. Made from Pal and a few other tapes, Matt made it so he's more trustworthy, Also what happened to your pfp?