Thursday 9 May 2013

NAKED VENGEANCE (Philippines, 1985) - uncut trailer

There is another censored trailer from an Australian VHS on YouTube. This is the fully UNCUT version from a Danish VHS. Thanks to Hans-Jørn of DEVAG for the upload.

Unfortunately, the only known uncut release of the film is the un-rated NTSC VHS from the US. All other VHS releases carry the R-rated version that runs around 20 minutes shorter. There's no DVD or laserdisc release.  

EDIT (2021): Since I wrote the above (depressing) info the film has been given a brilliant FULLY UNCUT blu-ray release in the US.


  1. This looks great ! I actually just found this on VHS at the flea market a couple of weeks ago. Now I'm going to watch it first chance I get. BTW I just got a notice from Amazon that Retromedia's DVD of Wonder Women has been pushed back. Hope this (or Code Red)comes out and stuff doesn't get all tangled up legal wise.

  2. Congrats on the tape, Dick!! I hope it's the un-rated tape you found. One of the bad guys was played by Don Gordon Bell who wrote a bit about being in the film here:

    I hadn't noticed that about Wonder Women. Bummer! And I'm certainly crossing my fingers it's not being held up in legal nonsense. :/