Saturday 22 December 2012

Screen grabs from the lost* LEWD LIZARD


Here are screen grabs from maybe the sleaziest HK horror film!! LEWD LIZARD!!! It's not hard getting hold of a 4'th or 5'th generation dupe from a trader, a bootlegger, or a torrent site. However, I have just got hold of a fantastic looking DVD-R off a 1'st generation vhs dupe!! I believe it's the best copy there is anywhere!!! Well, "beautiful" compared to the washed-out 5'th generation dupes that is. The only release that ever existed in this world on home cinema format is a VHS in the US. I got my DVD-R from a collector who rented the tape many years ago. He made a VHS copy (i.e. a dupe) off the original tape and put his dupe in a box and forgot about it. It wasn't till last year when I made an online search for the film (after having got hold of two different WASHED-OUT 4-5'th generation dupes!) that he remembered his tape. Needless to say he couldn't find it and I've been bugging him about it for a full year. He finally found it and made the DVD-R that you seen screen grabs from here. If you read this, buddy, then: THANKS!!!

LEWD LIZARD (1985 - I think!) is the story about this guy, David, who goes overseas to study. His girlfriend says she'll wait for him and promises to marry him on his return. But after four years of studying he returns to an unpleasant piece of news; His girlfriend has married a local two-bit crook. David starts to hate women - and to cut to the chase as this isn't a proper review - he steals a handful of women's knickers and teaches venomous lizards to smell the women's "love juices" after which they get a "taste" for it. He proceeds to attack women he especially hates, sets the lizards lose on them and, well, you figure it out! Yes, the lizards sniff their way to the women's "love channels", slip in, the women write and moan in brief orgasms after which they die. LEWD LIZARD is so uber-sleazy I don't remember having seen anything remotely similar. It's a masterpiece in degradation. It's a crime to humanity (or horror fans anyway) that this isn't released in a proper version. The world needs to see this. The tape is dubbed in Mandarin, the picture is fullscreen, and the English subtitles are falling below the screen in three quarters of the film. And in the last quarter where you CAN see the subs they are cut off left and right, hahaha. But it doesn't matter much as the plot is almost as cartoon thin as a Turkish cult film from the 70s (and I'm not saying that in a critical way AT ALL).


  1. It's from '79 actually.
    You can share this little baby on cinemageddon, several collectors share their treasure there.

  2. Whoa, that looks miles better than the other rips I've seen of this. The subs can even be read! Never gotten around to actually watching this thing due to the off-putting quality of the ordinary rips.

  3. @Anon, I've seen it listed as both a '79 and a '85 film and since there's so little info available about the film I'm not at all sure which production year is correct. The HKMDB does indeed list a '79 production year. But to me it looks more like a 1985 film. :P

    No, I can't share it on CG as I'm not a member there - and I don't do the torrent thing.

    @Torb, I chose screen grabs that have subs in them but actually this is MOST LIKELY from the same VHS release that your dupe came from originally. I've never come across or heard of another release. Unfortunately, the subs fall under the picture in about 75% of the film. But fortunately the plot is so cartoon thin that you can easily follow the story anyway.

  4. Perhaps you can pass it on to someone who does do the 'torrent thing'....i hope you're not one of those hoarders who boast about having a rare copy of a film preventing others from seeing it !

  5. @Anonymous (29 January 2013 04:25):
    Why on earth should he?
    As he states in his introduction; 'Please, save yourself the time and trouble and ask someone else! I can't help you as I don't download from torrent sites.'

    In your opinion he should pay all expenses, having the trouble ripping, converting & uploading, just so you could have it for free?
    Please put in some effort yourself to find these rare films!!!

    Kind regards
    A fellow 'hoarder'

  6. Thanks, "fellow hoarder".

    I must admit I have a hard time seeing how reviewing rare films on a film blog can be regarded as boasting. And this frequent begging from free-loaders is quite frankly annoying. Are we suddenly living in the old Soviet Union and nobody is allowed to own more than everyone else? Offer me 10 bucks or a trade and maybe we'll talk! I ain't giving nothing away for free unless I know you, or you offer to blow me (in which case you'll have to be blond and have big knockers and we ain't talkin' manboobs). Hahaha.

  7. Hi, Jack. I'd like to talk to you about a trade or purchase of a copy of LEWD LIZARD as I'm sick-minded and would undoubtedly get a kick out of it. I have more obscure movies than most folks, so if you're looking for anything you'd be willing to trade a copy of this movie for, please hit me up... I might have what you seek!


  8. Hey there. Sure, no problem, mate. Give me a bit of time and I'll get back to you on that.