Wednesday 22 February 2012

Kothar's "Short reviews of weird movies"

I've posted a couple of Kothar's reviews on this blog before but here's a link to his thread on Cinehound message board. I'll probably re-post them here at some point but for now you really ought to check out the original forum postings. Like a certain kat girl on another rad blog Kothar is yet another fan who's been with us all the way from Gunter Müller's "Weird Asia" days (altho none of us "met" back in the day. LOL). For Kothar's reviews go here. His latest review (from today) is certainly one I'd like get hold of!


  1. Oooohhh!! "Dukun Lintah" certainly sounds suitably grisly alright... Looks like some of those really nasty Shaw releases from the 70's.

    Have to keep my own eyes peeled for that one. ;)

  2. Absolutely!! And the Filipino snake woman film! xD

  3. Most definitely. ;)

    Don't know why those old Philippine films are so hard to find these days. Modern films from there are easily available so I can't figure why newer DVD releases for these older films haven't popped up for sale like say, vintage Mexican films have on "Budget" DVD releases. Gotta be a market worth pursuing... so why isn't somebody?

    There are a lot of Suzzana's old films I'd love to have.....

  4. Me too (and I'm sure I don't have to mention Suzzanna is from Indonesia not the 'Pines). Old Indo films are even harder to come by - apart from the few that MM have released. They're simply not on DVD at all. Have you got SNAKE QUEEN? I have the Greek VHS. Only English language release anywhere.

  5. Hehehe.... Yeah I know, but I seem to have a recollection of a couple of movies she did there sometime in the 80's (But that just might be my goofy brain mixing up a few films.... )

    No... I don't have that one unfortunately, just a VCD of the English dubbed follow-up, "The Hungry Snake Woman" from 1986.

    Indonesian snake woman movies are hard to snag for me.... I have loads better luck grabbing old Hindi ones. ;)


  7. My gawd!! That's some collection there, mate. Just WHO are you?? Haha. Awesome stuff.


    I've never seen that tape before!!! I've just won the HK tape on eBay and I've seen a scan of the cover of a US release but never THAT one!!

    Thanks for your comment.