Wednesday 23 November 2011

Some great news... and some terrible news!

The bad news first: SensAsian in Malaysia has closed down!!! There's a message on their website! Boo-hoo!!!

And the good news: ThaiCDExpress in Thailand has reopened!!!


  1. This one caught me by complete surprise... I had just gotten a package of Malay film goodies from them only days before this announcement. :(

    With the loss of Sensasian and the disappearance of both (My main Indonesian film source here in the US...) and Nehaflix (My best domestic Hindi film source) I've been at a loss to get Indonesian or Malay films the last month or so.

    Came across a new one..., but I can't find out how legit or safe they are as an alternative. Ever have any dealings with them Jack?

  2. Hi Nekoneko,

    Same with me: by complete surprise! And it's annoying too as there were a number of HK films on Malay DVD that I hadn't got around to ordering. :(

    ESINDO is gone!?!? Shock horror! I didn't even know that! I've got some very cool Indo VCDs (actually Indonesian releases, not Malay) from there in the past. Boo-hoo!! I've never ordered from Nehaflix but that's a bummer too.

    Are you familiar with Induna in India? If not do check them out. They're THEE best shop around for Indian films. Veeery cheap prices and heaps of stuff on DVD and VCD - and good info about which releases carry subs and which don't.

    Someone on KFC forum recommended a store in Malaysia called Asia Home Entertainment and he said they were good; Someone else, also on KFC, mentioned that he'd ordered a pile of DVDs from there and two of them were bootlegs but still, I'm planning of making an order as they've got some of the stuff I wanted to order from Sensasian.

    What else, have I forgotten anything? o_O
    Oh, Zoommovie! Sorry, I have never ordered from them or even heard of them. Please let me know if you try them out and how it goes.

  3. Well... I bit the bullet and gave Zoommovie a try.

    A simple single disc order just to see what happens. If it works out I'll give them another as they have quite a few others that I missed getting from Sensasian before they closed (or never even found there...) I'll let you know how it works out. Keeping my lil' fingers crossed!!

  4. Kewl!! And yes, do let me know how it goes, please! Thanks.

  5. I've just placed an order with so I'll let you know how it goes.

    I discovered they had ONCE UPON A TIME IN TRIAD SOCIETY on DVD and it's the only place it's been released (on DVD). Glad I did cos it seems it was the last copy they had! The price of the DVD was under four dollars. xD
    They take PayPal which is always preferable if you ask me!

  6. Got my order in from Zoommovie. Took 20 days to get to me from Malaysia, easily within the time frame I was getting from Sensasian on average.

    Tracking was good until the package left Malaysia, then non-existent till it just simply arrived at my door. Not unexpected...

    The transaction was smooth and without any hiccups so I'm giving them a second one, larger this time to catch some older Indonesian films I missed getting as well as another new Malay horror. Oh, and they too take Paypal... ;)

    How was your experience with

  7. Thank for the info, Nekoneko! Good to hear and I'll certainly check out their site now.

    As I said I ordered ONCE UPON A TIME IN TRIAD SOCIETY from Asiahomecd because Malaysia is the only place it's released on DVD and I received it really quickly. I didn't keep an eye on how long it took but it was very quick, maybe 10 days (I'm in Europe). And they also take PayPal!